Learning Everything About A V Part Wig

Learning Everything About A V Part Wig

A v part wig is a wig having a V-shaped opening. The V shape opening gives the face a natural hair look. These beautiful wigs don’t require any glue or gel because they are easy to wear and don’t fall off easily too. They perfectly blend with the hair and nobody can know if that is a wig. These are made by machines and also are affordable. These wigs are highly flexible. A person can make multiple hairstyles with these wigs. The stocking caps that are worn before wearing a wig are not required in V-part wigs.

V-part wigs are trending nowadays due to their beautiful and classy style. They give individuals a stylish look that is important for a confident body.

Features of A V-Part Wig 

This section elaborates on the features of a v-part wig.

  1. No Equipment Needed

When you use V-Part wig, you don’t need any special equipment to wear it. You don’t even need a stocking cap.

  1. No Glue Required

V-Part wig can be worn as such without the application of glue. There are many wigs that require glue to stick it on the scalp, but V-Part wig is easy to wear within seconds.

  1. Blends Perfectly With Natural Hairline

This is the special feature of V-Part wig. It blends naturally with the hairline and you don’t have to worry about the lace holes.

  1. Beginner Friendly

V-Part wigs are easy to use and are beginner friendly. Even a teenager can wear it without any effort.

  1. Easy Installation

V-Part wig is easy to install in the hair. Your natural hair feels breathable in this wig because it depends upon your choice to leave out the natural hair or not leaving out them.

  1. Matches the Hair Roots

V-Part wig matches the hair roots. Nobody can notice the difference between your hair and the wig. It looks natural and looks stylish.

V-Part Vs. U-Part Wigs 

In this section you will read some differences between V-part and U-part wigs.

The Shape of Opening

The V-Part wig has a V-shaped opening, whereas the U-Part wig has a U-shaped opening. The v-Part wig looks good in almost every face shape.

Leave Out

The v-Part wig doesn’t have to leave hair, whereas U-Part wigs have to leave out the hair. Thus, making the V-Part wig more convenient.

Band Cutting

A person doesn’t have to cut the band to wear a V-Part wig, whereas a U-Part wig requires band cutting. The v-Part wig is easy to install.

Number of Combs

The v-Part wig has four combs, whereas the U-Part wig has three combs. Thus V-Part wig gives more stability.

Suitable Hair

The v-Part wig is suitable for thin hair. It suddenly enhances the confidence of a person suffering from the issues like baldness, thin hair, or hair loss. A U-Part wig can be used for open hair.

Buy From IShowBeauty 

IShowBeauty is a brand having a variety of V-Part wigs at affordable prices. A person may find curly, straight, or wavy V-Part wigs and purchase them according to the need. No Lace, human hair wigs give a natural finish and also looks beautiful. It has beginner-friendly and easy-to-install wigs that a person must buy.


Healthy and happy hair is the dream of everyone, but not everyone is blessed with those perfect mane. Both wigs, either U-Part or V-Part, need a little precision, but the V-Part wig is better because it is easy to use for even the teenagers who lack self-esteem due to low density of hair and don’t have the time to fix the U-Part wigs.